How Virtual Reality Could Change Sex

How Virtual Reality Could Change Sex

Technology has been changing how we interact with each other for years. One day we carried phones that required a multiples taps just for the letter “s” and the next, we all had small computers in our hand. When technology changes, the sex industry is never far behind. In fact, it’s usually right out in front.

If you’ve seen people wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles and thought they looked silly, give it time. As the technology improves and costs come down, VR will become more mainstream. When it does, virtual sex and porn will be there, waiting for you to try out the “new” way to have sex. Even now, sex toys and porn companies are already using the technology. Whether you’ve experienced virtual reality yet or not, it’s going to change (and already is changing) the way some people have sex.

Long Distance Dating

Long Distance DatingLong distance relationships aren’t a new invention, but thanks to technology and social media, they are more common than ever before. Virtual reality could allow people from any part of the globe to “meet” their lover in a new way. Instead of relying just on chat apps, emails, Skype, and other forms of two-dimensional communication, virtual reality will allow people to date and talk – and eventually have sex. These virtual dates may offer the more subtle but still important communication tools couples need: smiles, eye contact, laughter, and facial and body language cues.


Teledildonics doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s not the future of virtual sex – it’s a current reality. The term refers to interactive sex toys that are controlled by a computer or other technology. What you do to one toy is replicated by its partner toy which is, presumably, being used by your partner. The Onyx and Pearl by Kiiroo is the first such product to make this a reality. One person uses either the Onyx (a type of masturbation sleeve) or the Pearl (a vibrator) and whatever they do to themselves, their partner feels with their Onyx or Pearl. You can experience this form of virtual sex even without a partner thanks to interactive videos with porn stars.


CybersexCybersex in its current form consists primarily of online roleplaying games. You login to a website, create your avatar, and “virtually” interact with people in kinky or not-so-kinky ways. There’s a lot of online sex and real life masturbation. With virtual reality, cybersex is about to become much more realistic. In an immersive world, you’ll be able to experience the moment with your physical senses, instead of just your imagination. Much like your avatar in the online world, you’ll be able to change what you look like and even your gender. You can be who you want, wherever you want.

Porn Participation

Porn is meant to be part of your sexual fantasies. Whether you use it to imagine yourself in unlikely situations or it’s your favorite wank material, porn was never designed to be real. Until virtual reality. The porn industry is often on the frontline of innovation, and this is no different. Even now, some porn websites offer a virtual reality experience, allowing you to actively participate in your fantasy. Never thought you’d be part of a threesome? Here’s your chance! Always wondered how the pizza guy gets laid so quickly? Find out for yourself!

Potential Problems with Virtual Reality Sex

Potential Problems with Virtual Reality SexNo matter how much fun new technology can be, especially when it’s tied to sex, we have to think about possible problems. Some worry, for good reason, that being able to fulfill your porn fantasy may make real sex less enjoyable. Being able to fall into a porn fantasy may allow you to forget that the VR sex you’ve having isn’t real. This may lead to unsafe interactions and lack of consent with live partners. Concerns about ignoring consent as well as revenge porn in cybersex scenarios cannot be ignored. The world has plenty of people who don’t care or understand consent. There’s no reason to think it will be different in VR, and it may be easier for people to forget reality, increasing the chances of a dangerous situation.


Virtual reality, like other forms of technology, will find its way into the world of sex and porn. In many ways it already has. Like smartphones and social media, virtual reality will change how we interact with each other, what we experience, and yes, how we fuck. Enjoy the new technology as it becomes available but never forget how important real-life relationships and interactions are. VR sex might be fun, but connecting with people in the physical world shouldn’t be forgotten completely.