Erotica: Reading Your Way to Sexual Pleasure

Your sex toy might get you off, but what turns you on? Some people like to watch porn. Others perv the not-safe-for-work side of social media, looking for dirty images. Would it surprise you to know that for some people, reading erotica gets them hard, makes them wet, and turns any sex session – solo or not – into a moment of pure sexual fantasy? Like porn and sexy pictures, there’s erotica for every sexual desire.

If you’re new to the idea of erotica as a way to turn yourself on, take a look at just a few different options to try. You might be surprised at what you find when you start looking.

BDSM Beyond 50 Shades

BDSM Beyond 50 ShadesWhether you loved 50 Shades of Grey or loathed it, it sparked a Renaissance in BDSM erotica. Every author wanted to catch a little of E.L. James’ fame and every reader wanted another taste of those “dark” fantasies. Long before Anastasia and Christian played with power exchange and kink, BDSM authors published the kind of fiction that makes you squirm in your seat.

Today Tiffany Reisz, Cecilia Tan, and many other writers can take you well beyond the billionaire/secretary kink fantasy into harder, dirtier, and even more romantic BDSM erotica. In BDSM erotica, every power dynamic imaginable is available to read. Choose from age play, puppy play, leather, edge play, and even historical BDSM erotica if the “typical” power exchange doesn’t do it for you.

Paranormal and Supernatural Erotica

Paranormal and Supernatural EroticaParanormal erotica can mean almost anything. Ghosts come back to have sex with people. Vampires want to suck more than blood. Werewolves fight each other for the chance to fuck the main character, their one true mate. In the paranormal and supernatural world of erotica, characters can be anyone and anything, and even become someone else, often in the midst of a scene. There’s a lot of animal lust, super strong characters, and the sexuality oozing off the page (or screen). Good writers can make these inhuman worlds seem very real and very erotic for readers.

Monster, Dinosaur, and Other Strange Genres

Monster, Dinosaur, and Other Strange GenresMuch like kink and fetish, in the world of erotica, if you can imagine it, someone is into it sexually. It should come as no surprise that monster erotica, dinosaur erotica, and tentacle porn are extremely popular among some readers. Dragon erotica combines the “weird creature” thing with the paranormal/supernatural genre for an exciting and sexy mash-up, when it’s written well. Sure, in real life, you might laugh watching two T-Rexes get busy, but in your imagination it might be hot as hell. Most of these books are published as e-books so no one will be able to tell that you get off on King Kong or Godzilla erotica.

Free Fiction

Free FictionFree reads aren’t a genre of erotica, but they are a benefit for readers looking to get turned on. With so many people writing sex scenes and even more people wanting to read it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that websites devote themselves to spreading smut around. Literotica is one well-known option for authors to share their sexiest stories and readers to get off to the kinkiest stuff. Look around, though, and you’ll find plenty of other sites offering free erotic reads for your masturbation pleasure.

Some published authors get their start on these websites. Because they write such good stuff, people are willing to buy their books later. You can discover new kinks, find new authors, and consider these free fiction sites your own literary porn when you need help with a late-night wank.

Sex Blogs

Sex BlogsSex blogs and the bloggers who run them aren’t always trying to turn people on. Sometimes they want to educate readers about sexuality, gender, and how to have better sex. Most of them, though, tell true stories about their own sex lives. Readers don’t always believe what they’re reading is true, but most of it is. People really do have wild and crazy sex.

What you read isn’t always kinky, but good sex bloggers who share their own erotic adventures can turn their readers on in a few short words. Not only are they free reads, you might even learn something from the writers, too.


Like sex toys, porn, and even relationships, what you like in erotica is unique to you. Like playing with a vibrator or watching a threesome, reading is a way to indulge in a fantasy and get turned on whether alone or with a partner. As with other forms of sexual pleasure and teasing, what you read may also fuel your fantasies or even encourage you to talk to your partner about trying something new. If you’ve always thought of reading as something you do in school, think again. In the world of erotic fiction, there are a million new ways to turn yourself on and get yourself off.