6 Types of Vibrators to Include in Your Sex Toy Collection

Not all vibrators are the same. From brand to brand and style to style, no two are alike – just like the people who use them. If you know you’re the type who enjoys vibrations, pulsations, and other buzzy stimulation, half the fun is in trying out a new sex toy. You might have your favorite go-to vibrator, but you’d be surprised at the amount and types of vibes on the market. Here are a few different kinds you may want to include in your sex toy collection.


MassagersWand massagers, sometimes called body massagers, aren’t like your basic vibrator. Their defining traits include wide heads that cover more of the genital area and more power than typical toys. The Original Magic Wand, formerly known as the Hitachi, was genuinely the original. Before it became a sex toy in the 1970s, it was marketed as a way to relax muscles and ease tension. Ask anyone who enjoys orgasms from it, and they can tell you it’s definitely relaxing. These days you can find smaller versions than the Hitachi that still pack quite a punch.


The rabbit vibrator is iconic for many people who like their pleasure in battery-powered form. Although it hit the market in 1984, it was a 1998 appearance on Sex and the City that skyrocketed the Rabbit to stardom. Unlike earlier version of vibrators, the rabbit style paid special attention to the clitoris with its two iconic ears. If you like your buzzy, vibrating stimulation to be felt on the inside and outside, a rabbit is the toy to try.

G Spot Stimulators

G Spot StimulatorsWhile science continues to debate the existence of G spot, sex toy users continue to get themselves off with G spot stimulators. Some come in the rabbit style as mentioned above. Others have a single vibrating head or wand, curved for your pleasure. The idea is that this penetrating vibrator will hit your special spot in just the right way to give you the kind of orgasm a thrusting penis, dildo, or straight vibrator can’t. G spot simulators can also be used externally against your clitoris but may be too much for that sensitive spot.

Clitoral Stimulators

Any vibrator can (and often does) stimulate the clitoris, but specially made clit stimulators are different. They often feature smaller or more uniquely shaped tips to focus the sensation on a single spot. Some vibrators are small and discreet while others are more of a wand shape. For the person who gets off on having their clit buzzed, pulsed, and shown plenty of love, this is a must have style for your toy collection. It’s not unusual for those who love clitoral stimulation to have a wide variety of vibrators to choose from.

Eggs and Bullets

Eggs and BulletsEgg and bullet vibrators are different and yet very similar. Both are smaller and more discreet than your average vibe. You can usually throw one in your carryon luggage during a trip and not have to worry about embarrassing questions. They’re also great for people who don’t love the phallic nature of most sex toys. Eggs are meant to be held in the palm of your hand in a more natural way than other vibrators. Bullets are small and often insertable. They tend to include a remote control which allows you to play without removing it or to have fun with a partner. Bullets may not be enough to get you off, but the right ones will turn you on.

Other Vibrating Toys

The standard vibrator isn’t the only sex toy that can buzz and vibrate until you get off. Other types of toys often include a vibrating function. Whether these should be added to your toy collection will depend on your sexual preferences, partners, and kinks. If you love the buzzy stuff, though, consider vibrating cock rings meant to stimulate both partners during penetrative sex. Another option, if you like anal stimulation, are vibrating butt plugs. They aren’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy extra sensations, either might be right for you.


No single sex toy will work for everyone. What you love, your best friend or partner might hate. Likewise, you may love one vibrator by a brand and then not enjoy their bullet version. Trying sex toys is like anything else in sex – you have to find what works for you. For those who love to get off with vibrations, owning more than one type of vibrator gives you more options for your orgasms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all kinds of sex toys. Having a wide variety of ways to get off keeps you from getting bored.