4 Ways to Get Sexy in Long Distance Relationships

4 Ways to Get Sexy in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are hard. Ask anyone who’s ever fallen in love with someone a continent or even a state away, and they’ll tell you that it requires a lot of effort. You really have to love your partner to stay with them through the distance and the weeks or months spent apart. But what about sex? Getting off together in a long distance relationship takes effort and creativity but it’s not impossible.

If you’re wondering how you can get sexy with your partner when you’re apart, here are four ideas to try.

Skype Dates

Skype DatesIt doesn’t have to be Skype – Google Hangouts, Facetime, and anything else that allows private video chats will do. Set up your computer or phone so that you have your hands free and can see each other when you call. What you do during your date is up to you. It can be a hot sexy date where you play with sex toys and talk dirty. It can also be a genuine Netflix and chill where you chat about the show you’re watching.

The whole point of the “date” is to spend time with each other doing something side-by-side even if that means you’re together in a virtual sense. You’ll be able to see each other, talk, and interact as long as your battery and internet connection hold.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual MasturbationYou can do this on Skype, while you’re talking on the phone, or simply at the same time even if you’re not connected somehow. Masturbation is a good way to relax, unwind, and get some sleep. The fact that you’re doing it at the same time, or if you’re on the phone together, with your partner adds an extra level of intimacy to it.

Masturbating together is also a good way to know that each of you is getting some kind of sexual satisfaction even when you have to be apart. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Use your favorite sex toy. Buy a specific toy for this moment. Use your hand. The point is to experience pleasure together and, hopefully, get off together.

Mobile-App Controlled Sex Toys

Mobile-App Controlled Sex ToysOne way to have a fun and sexy experience with your partner when you’re apart is through your sex toys. This isn’t necessarily about masturbating together, although you can do that, too. Instead, one of you has a sex toy that the other can control via a mobile app. These toys tend to have security functions to keep strangers out of your sex toy, so you’ll need to give access to your partner. Once they have it, they can usually change the settings, intensity, and speed.

You can play with orgasm control, get a little kinky, or help each other get off and feel like you’re genuinely a part of that moment. Toys to try include the We Vibe 4, We Vibe Classic, and Oh Mi Bod Freestyle G.


SextingAn oldie, but a goodie, sexting isn’t just a great way to flirt with your partner when you’re both in town, but also when miles and even an ocean separate you. Nude selfies, kinky fantasies, and whatever you imagine doing to your partner the next time you see them are all excellent for sexting fun. You don’t even have to get elaborate or detailed, and the conversation can continue all day.

There’s nothing better for a workday slump than getting a dirty message from your partner. If you’re going to send nudes by text, warn your partner. No one wants your junk to be flashed at the staff meeting because your partner didn’t know to shield their screen from view. Not sure how to start a dirty sexting fantasy? Begin with something like, “I want to touch you…” and then name the body part you’ll use to touch them – include the where and how. Your follow-up responses will be dictated by the response you get. Make it as naughty and sexy as you want.


The thing that makes a long distance relationship work – beyond mutual attraction and a strong commitment – is your ability communicate with each other. It’s true for daily life and when you want to be intimate with each other. With the amount of tools for connecting online, having sex from a distance isn’t impossible either. You may simply need to redefine what “sex” means to you – turning each other on, getting each other off, and masturbating together definitely count.