11 Health Benefits of Orgasms

11 Health Benefits of Orgasms

Beyond the “they feel good” reason we have for wanting orgasms, getting off is genuinely good for us. With or without a partner, you can have all the orgasms you want thanks to masturbation. Use a sex toy, your hand, or some part of your partner that you love (like their tongue!), and get more orgasms. When they ask why you’re so horny all of a sudden, blame it on your health.

Lower Stress

Lower StressThank oxytocin for this one. When you orgasm, it’s the chemical released into your brain. You zone out, your muscles relax, and life doesn’t seem quite so bad. All thanks to your orgasm. Upset with the boss, your partner, or a car that won’t start. An orgasm won’t fix it, but you also won’t be quite as stressed, either.

Better Sleep

Orgasms reduce your cortisol levels and at the same time release a chemical in your brain called vasopressin. Both of these things help you get to sleep. The next time you’re tempted to rollover and snooze after a good solo sex session, go for it. It’s a natural reaction.

Lower Appetite

Lower AppetiteWhile not a guarantee after every orgasm, coming may be able to curb your appetite. Oxytocin doesn’t just help you de-stress. It can also help you feel less hungry. All bets are off, though, if your orgasm is from a big sexy session with yourself, your sex toys, and/or your partner. The energy you use will likely make you hungry and thirsty.

Helps Depression and Anxiety

Orgasms are no substitute for medical help, including therapy or medication. For some people, they can temporarily alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. The release of oxytocin and a reduction in cortisol are factors in this feel-good feeling. It’s also another excellent reason to masturbate.

Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune SystemMore orgasms may mean less colds? Maybe so. Research shows that those who have more sex (with orgasms) tend to be healthier and get sick less often. Of course, if you have wild, orgasmic sex with someone who’s got the sniffles, all bets are off. Your orgasm won’t protect you from the germs they’re breathing all over you.

Live Longer

More orgasms could be the path to a longer life. It makes sense when you think of all the other good things an orgasm can do for you. Studies back it up, too. A 10 year study showed that men who had a couple of orgasms a week on a regular basis lived longer than those who didn’t. It would be interesting to know if women have similar results.

Regulated Cycles

Regulated CyclesMenstrual cycles don’t always show up on time – ask any woman who gets her period. Regular sex and orgasms may help change that. A 2007 study showed that orgasmic sex once or twice a week while not on her period, regulated future menstrual cycles for women.

More Love, Less Cheating

Thanks to good old oxytocin, which happens to be known as the love hormone, orgasms could keep your partner from straying. Of course, if they’re prone to stray without the promise of getting off, you might want to let them. But if you’re not satisfying your partner when you’re in bed together, don’t be surprised if they look elsewhere, either.

Creates More Intimacy

Creates More IntimacyIf your partner won’t cheat because they got off, they may also feel closer to you for the same reason. The miracles of oxytocin just don’t stop. You likely won’t come at the exact same time, but coming together can create strong feelings of closeness and intimacy between you and your partner.

Reduce Pain

Masturbation when you’ve got a headache, cramps, or just don’t feel good might not sound like much fun, but don’t write it off completely. Orgasms not only reduce the pain you feel, they may also be able to increase your pain tolerance in the future.

Stimulate the Brain

Stimulate the BrainWe could use some stimulation…in our minds. Blood flows more than one way, and after an orgasm, it flows back to the brain in a healthy way. That orgasm-induced blood flow brings not just blood but nutrients to your brain. You may need a nap first, but your brain will thank you for it later.


Do you really need more reasons to masturbate or get naked with your partner tonight? Orgasms make you feel good and make you want more orgasms. The health benefits might not be the reason you’re ready to get naked right now, but use them as an excuse whenever you want. Solo sex or partnered, make sure the moment doesn’t end until you get exactly what you came for – especially if what you want is to come. Your mind and body will thank you for it.